Reasons for running mud of belt filter press

More and more companies are using a belt type filter press, in the actual use of filter cloth, customers often reflect the belt type filter press sludge filter cloth, initially thought it was the quality of the filter cloth, then after careful, often with unceasing summary, we summarized the causes of several sludge, primarily due to individual companies not seriously look at the instructions, the belt type filter press and there is not enough to understand,

Reason 1: it is usually caused by the structure of the filter press itself

1.. Place a barrier at the mud inlet and set aside 30 centimeters on each side

2. Check whether there is any problem with the lower deviation control device and the filter belt tensioning device

4. The belt speed of the belt conveyor is too fast, and gravity dehydration is insufficient

5. The sludge feed flow is too large, and some sludge dewatering machines are extruded out

6. The filter cloth cannot be washed cleanly, the washing water pressure is insufficient, or the nozzle is blocked

Try again and see if the dosage is right

Reason 2: is the dosage too low? Let’s do a little experiment with increasing the concentration. Flocculant selection is problematic, the effect is not good, cannot form large and stable alum flower, the water that you wash filter belt is blocked up or the water pressure is too small to cause running mud, your sludge amount and dosage are not adjusted well

Reason 3: is the sludge degenerated or is the sludge deposited for too long leading to excessive sludge concentration? Try to keep the concentration of sludge at around 97%. If it is too large, the agent will not mix with the sludge easily. For more information, please follow our knowledge blog on tape filters.

Reason 4: it is also possible that the equipment is unqualified, the filter cloth of belt filter press is connected with problems, and the rubber drum is unqualified. Last time I plant equipment on this problem, resulting in the old side of the deviation

1. The specification of filter cloth may be selected incorrectly.

2. The flushing water pressure is enough, but the water quantity is not enough (the flushing hole is blocked).

Post time: Jul-25-2018

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