• Basic knowledge of press cloth

    The basic type of filter cloth Filter cloth is divided into machine fabric, nonwoven fabric and composite fabric. 1. Woven fabric Because the warp and weft of woven fabric can be arranged in various ways, different weave structure figures can be obtained, plus they can be used There are different...
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  • Reasons for running mud of belt filter press

    More and more companies are using a belt type filter press, in the actual use of filter cloth, customers often reflect the belt type filter press sludge filter cloth, initially thought it was the quality of the filter cloth, then after careful, often with unceasing summary, we summarized the caus...
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  • Development and application of belt filter cloth

    Filtration is the physical process of separating a substance from a substance. Its morphology is divided into three types: gas-solid, liquid-solid and solid-solid Separation, the most widely used is liquid-solid separation, which is accomplished through the combination of filter press and filter ...
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